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"We are working diligently to meet the needs of Bedford residents and businesses during these very uncertain times. "
COVID-19 Response

Since March, 2020, much of the work of local government has been oriented towards meeting the challenge of operating during a pandemic. Working collaboratively across boards and departments, we have adapted to new ways of doing our work while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Margot has worked to support efforts to:

  • communicate COVID-19 guidance to residents, including masking and social distancing

  • support local businesses and restaurants through permitting outdoor dining, eliminating annual license fees for restaurants, and promoting local shopping through the Buy Bedford campaign

  • establish and promote an Emergency Food Bank for residents experiencing food insecurity

  • establish a rental assistance program to help residents who are struggling financially

  • prioritize projects to help kids walk and bike to school during COVID and beyond

  • create outdoor social gathering and recreational opportunities for residents of all ages

Traffic and Transportation

How to get people around and through town is one of the most challenging issues facing Bedford.  Transportation also produces >30% of our total greenhouse gas emissions. Investing in  local transit, biking and walking, and zero-emission vehicles are all important ways to improve our quality of life and protect our environment.

Margot has worked to:

  • develop regional solutions to get more cars off our local roadways in partnership with the Middlesex3 Coalition

  • expand our network of sidewalks and trails, improving bike paths, and engineering safety for cyclists and pedestrians

  • encourage the use of ridesharing, public transit, walking and biking as alternative means of transportation

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In light of the events of this summer following the death of George Floyd, and the insurrection at the Capital of January 6, 2021 that featured rhetoric and symbols of white nationalism and antisemitism and other forms of hate, Bedford, like every community in the country, must face up to the issues of racism and white supremacy.  Bedford is a community that is growing in diversity - both visible and invisible. Every resident, worker, and visitor should feel welcome in Bedford no matter their background, faith tradition, country of origin, income level, age, ability, sexual orientation, or racial or gender identity.

Margot supports:

  • development of a Racial Equity Municipal Action Plan by the Town of Bedford
  • Bedford Embraces Diversity's efforts to promote greater understanding of differences, to educate residents about the legacy of racial discrimination, and to train citizens of all ages to speak up if they witness bias
  • building trust between the Bedford Police Department and members of the community through Fair and Impartial Policing trainings

Housing Affordability

Our region is facing a crisis of affordability. Young people who grew up in Bedford and want to return, teachers and other employees who want to live close to their work, newcomers looking for a great town to raise their families, and older residents hoping to downsize all have few options. Bedford must continue to lead on preserving small-scale housing and integrating affordable housing throughout the town. We need a diverse housing stock, including workforce housing, starter homes, accessible housing and homes appropriate for people as they age.

Margot has worked to:

  • preserve nearly 100 units of affordable housing at Bedford Village

  • plan for a new neighborhood of small-scale homes at the former Coast Guard housing site on Pine Hill Road

  • develop a plan to meet the housing needs of people of all ages, abilities, and incomes.

Climate Change, Environment, and Renewable Energy

Responding to the urgent threat of global climate change is everyone's responsibility. Massachusetts must lead by example as we transition towards a low-carbon future.  Along with the rest of the Commonwealth, Bedford will have to work hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet the targets set out in the Global Warming Solutions Act. 

Margot has been leading on environmental issues by encouraging energy and water conservation, working with Mothers Out Front to raise awareness about methane gas leaks, promoting recycling and composting, and presenting the successful bylaw to eliminate the use of thin-film plastic bags in Bedford's retail establishments.

Margot has worked to promote:

  • Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)

  • Net Zero planning

  • Green Infrastructure/Low Impact Development

  • regional climate adaptation strategies

  • municipal climate change vulnerability assessment

  • residential and municipal solar installations

Economic Development

Margot successfully advocated for creating an Economic Development Coordinator for Bedford. Through the work of Bedford's Economic Development Director, the town has had tremendous success in filling commercial properties and attracting new businesses especially in the life sciences and biotech sectors, which has grown our tax base. In recent years, Bedford has seen ongoing increases in the Commercial/Industrial tax base and a subsequent modest but encouraging downward trend in the property tax rates paid by residents. 

Margot has worked to:

  • support efforts to bring new businesses, such as Ultragenyx, to Bedford

  • strengthen ties between the Town and the Middlesex 3 Coalition

  • promote workforce development programs to meet the demand for highly trained workers in technological sectors

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