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Proven Leadership Delivering Results for Bedford


I am honored to serve as your Select Board Member, and I look forward to continuing to work on your behalf

I got involved with town government almost as soon as I moved to Bedford in 2003 with my husband Bill and our two (then little, now grown) children, Giuliana and Theo. For over 15 years, through my service on elected boards and volunteer committees, I have advocated for the policies and projects that have moved Bedford forward. 

Since I was first elected to the Select Board in 2012, I have strived to make a real difference in the lives of Bedford residents. Now as then, we care about housing affordability, providing a great education for our kids, taking care of our seniors, supporting our local businesses, strengthening our cultural institutions, having a fiscally healthy town, protecting our environment, and, of course, dealing with traffic.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit last March, our major challenge has been to protect public health while we continue to work on these important issues and tackle new ones, like food insecurity, housing insecurity, mental health needs, and social isolation. We have strived to be there for each other, as neighbors helping neighbors, and in this moment of great challenge, our strength has been how we have pulled together as a community. 

Here in Bedford we cherish our civic culture, and I believe we set an example of a town that works for the common good, where we strive to treat people with respect, and work collaboratively for the best outcomes. I am proud that we all roll up our sleeves to solve our problems together. 

I am humbled that you gave me this job, allowed me to represent you, and entrusted me with your deepest concerns and highest hopes for our wonderful town. I would be honored for the chance to continue this work and I respectfully ask for your vote on March 13. 

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